1. Can I cancel my order?

If you realize that you need to cancel your order, be sure to contact us in 24 hours by email [email protected]. We will help your cancel the order.

Unfortunately, when the order is processing, we cannot cancel the order. 


2. Can I change the address on my order?

If you notice that you've listed the incorrect address, be sure to contact us in 24 hours by email support@petuu.com. This will increase the chances that we're able to change the address for you.

Unfortunately, when the order is processing, we cannot change the address. We're so sorry in advance for the inconvenience.


3. What should I do if I never received my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible,we will help you ensure your logistic information.


4. What if I've received the wrong product?

Please contact us as soon as possible. Give us the order number and take a clear photo, we will tell you how to deal with it.


5. How do I start a return?

Petuu accepts returns on products within 30 days of delivery. For details, please contact us by email [email protected].


6. What if I've received a damaged item?

Please take clear photos and contact us the first time when you receive the broken items.


7. How long will it take to receive my order?

In general your order will take 3 - 7 days to arrive, but due to the COVID it may be delayed. Please check your own order page for details or contact us.


8. How much does U.S. shipping cost?

We will ship to US Customers free for any order.


9. How to buy out of stock products?

You may ask our customer service, whether the product will be out of stock and how long it will be on the shelves again.

Sale items show out of stock means that the item has been sold out, will not continue to be on the shelves, but you can also check with its similar items to see if you like something.


10. I missed a special offer or sale—may I receive a price adjustment?

We are sorry to tell you we cannot offer you discounted prices outside of the holidays. You can leave your email address to subscribe to Petuu to receive information about our discounts before the sale.


11. Are there any exchange rates?

All of our transactions are based in US Dollars. If your credit card is based in another currency, your order total will be calculated in accordance with the daily exchange rate of the date your card issuer processes the transaction.


12. About tax?

We don't acquire taxes.